1. PhotoDr. Pui-Ying Iroh Tam, right, outside makeshift Covid-19 wards at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi, this month.
    CreditThoko Chikondi for The New York Times

    My Family’s Global Vaccine Journey

    We were spread across three continents, at the mercy of vaccine geopolitics. Which of us would be inoculated last?


  1. the media equation

    PhotoDanny, left, and Grace Lavery in Brooklyn. Both have signed contracts with the newsletter platform Substack.
    CreditElianel Clinton for The New York Times

    Why We’re Freaking Out About Substack

    A company that makes it easy to charge for newsletters has captivated an anxious industry because it embodies larger forces and contradictions.


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Good Reads From the Business Desk

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  1. PhotoMannequins at an old Brooks Brothers warehouse in Enfield, Conn.
    CreditAmr Alfiky/The New York Times

    The Ghosts of Brooks Brothers

    After the retailer filed for bankruptcy one couple was left with a warehouse full of abandoned mannequins and a hefty price tag to dispose of it.

    By Sapna Maheshwari and


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  1. Photo
    CreditJames Yang

    The Robots Are Coming … to Mow Your Lawn

    Gas-power yard equipment spews noise and pollutants. Newer models, using batteries or electricity, are quieter and greener, and might even manage themselves.


  2. Photo
    CreditJames Yang

    A Smarter App Is Watching Your Wallet

    As artificial intelligence evolves, personal finance programs are working to offer you, and your budget, tailored advice.