1. PhotoFrancesco Vaia, the director of a hospital in Rome where three cases of monkeypox have been confirmed and isolated, conducts a news conference on Friday.
    CreditAndrew Medichini/Associated Press

    What Is Monkeypox?

    There have been dozens of cases reported in recent weeks among populations not typically vulnerable to the disease.


From Well

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  1. Photo
    CreditZack DeZon for The New York Times

    How to Master the Push-Up

    With proper technique, you can get the most out of this simple, yet powerful exercise.


  2. Photo
    CreditIllustration by Tyler Comrie, Photograph by Shutterstock

    The Truth About Waist Trainers

    Some claim the corset-like garments help wearers slim their midsections. Here’s what the experts say.


The Covid-19 Pandemic

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  1. PhotoA worker disinfected a dining room at a sanitation-supplies factory in Pyongyang on Monday.
    CreditKyodo, via Reuters

    North Korea’s Covid outbreak continues to spread.

    According to state media, nearly 1.5 million people have presented with a fever, and 56 have died, in what the country claimed was its first outbreak of the pandemic.