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  1. PhotoPresident Trump on Tuesday at the White House. With children at home, many parents are unable to resume work, hindering the economic resurgence Mr. Trump hopes to elicit.
    CreditAnna Moneymaker for The New York Times

    Trump Leans on Schools to Reopen as Virus Continues Its Spread

    President Trump spearheaded an administration-wide push to pry open the nation’s elementary and secondary schools, the next phase of his effort to get the economy on its feet.

    By Peter Baker and

  2. PhotoPresident Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil said that the demands of the job put him at risk for contracting the virus.
    CreditAndressa Anholete/Getty Images

    President Bolsonaro of Brazil Tests Positive for Coronavirus

    After months of denying the seriousness of the pandemic and brushing aside protective measures, Mr. Bolsonaro felt symptoms of Covid-19. More than 65,000 Brazilians have died of the virus.

    By Ernesto Londoño, Manuela Andreoni and

    1. PhotoPeople with smartphones at a demonstration in Hong Kong last year, using their lights to commemorate a protester who had died.
      CreditLam Yik Fei for The New York Times

      In Hong Kong, a Proxy Battle Over Internet Freedom Begins

      As the city grapples with new restrictions on online speech, American tech giants are on the front line of a clash between China and the United States over the internet’s future.


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